About Transformative Writing

Dara Lurie is an author, workshop leader, manuscript coach, and intrepid explorer of the human psyche. She holds a BA from Vassar College in Film and Theater studies and an MFA from Hunter College, where she studied under Louise DeSalvo and Chang-rae Lee, and began her first book, Great Space of Desire: Writing for Personal Evolution. 

A child of mixed race and religion, Dara grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and migrated in the early 1980s to West Berlin, Germany, where she tended bar, wrote and performed in theater while living in different communities of squatters, Green Party activists, journalists, teachers and social workers.  She now resides in the Columbia County, New York.

Dara teaches workshops in a wide variety of environments from college classrooms in New York City and the Hudson Valley to an open-air pavilion in the Costa Rican Rainforest.


Great Space of Desire: Writing for Personal Evolution is a Memoir and a Creative Workbook for writers at all levels interested in exploring and developing their own stories.

Through the personally specific themes of interracial identity, addiction and body image, the book addresses the the universal challenges each one of us face in recognizing and overcoming our personal limitations to reach our most authentic selves.

The author’s linguistic eloquence combines with an unerring nose for truth to bring us a story that is sometimes painfully close to home, but ultimately a heartfelt promise of redemption.