2013 Fall Workshops at Columbia Greene

Community College

Writing for Personal Evolution

A course of self-discovery through the art and craft of writing.

In this workshop, you'll progress through 10 creative worksheets beginning with Creation Myths & Personal Archeology, moving on to Hidden Inheritance, Vulnerability and Creation of a Safe World, Writing Deep Emotion, Identity and Sense of Belonging and more....

Each week, you'll be offered different writing explorations and visualizations from which to choose. Completing the exploration of your choice, you'll check in with your group at your own pace, posting your insights and reading posts from your fellow writer-explorers.  There will also be an opportunities to have real-time conversations with your group as you progress through your writing explorations.

Beyond workshop, Writing for Personal Evolution is a guided adventure into the vivid and unexpected worlds of memory, language and imagination.

Contact Columbia-Greene Community College to register.

6 Thursdays: October 3 - November 14